3 Things To Know About Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is becoming an increasingly popular fencing type because of it's low maintenance and ability to add value and excellent curb appeal to a home. However, before you install vinyl fencing, here are three things to know about this type of fencing:

You Can Choose Two Different Types of Vinyl Fencing: 

First off, you should know that there are two different types of vinyl fencing. The first type of vinyl fencing is a cheaper quality fence that won't hold up well. These are pre-fab fences that often are discontinued from being sold. This means that you could install this type of fencing and end up needing to replace certain pieces of the fence and then find that the same pre-fab fence cannot be found anywhere any longer. The higher quality vinyl fencing will be more expensive and is sold by professional vinyl fencing contractors. This type of fencing will last longer and can always be repaired with the same type of fencing materials in the future.

Low Maintenance Doesn't Mean There is No Maintenance: 

While homeowners love the idea that vinyl fencing requires low maintenance, some homeowners believe that this means that the fence doesn't need any maintenance at all. However, this is not the case. If dirt is left on the fence, it can cause scratches that can be unsightly on the fence, especially the more they build up. The most you are going to have to do is wash the fence with soap and water every once in a while to keep it clean and free from abrasive dirt and other debris. 

You Need Deep Installation in Cold Climates: 

If you live in an area that experiences colder weather conditions, you need to be sure the vinyl fencing is installed deeper in the ground. This is why it's best to hire professionals who can install the fencing at least 3 feet in the ground. If the fence isn't installed deep enough in the ground, the frozen ground can cause the posts to lift up and fall out. If this happens, you will have to completely reinstall the fence, which can cost you money. On top of this, when the posts fall, they can become damaged and thus cost you more money because you will need to replace them. 

When you know these three things about vinyl fencing, you can be sure that you better understand whether or not this fencing type is right for you and what you have to do to make it work for your home.