Tips for Stopping Criminal Behavior in Your Apartment Complex

If you are a manager of an apartment complex and you have recently been dealing with problems on your property that include criminal behaviors, then it's important for you to put a stop to that behavior right away. If you don't end it quickly, then your apartment complex can easily become known as one with a bad reputation in the neighborhood. This can cause your good tenants to move and less people to come replace them. Learn about some of the things you can do in this article to protect the complex from criminals by reading this article.

Walk the grounds throughout the day

By walking the grounds at different times of the day you will be letting everyone know that you are a big presence in the complex and that you are dedicated to finding and taking care of problems. Talk with the tenants you run into on your walks and ask them about their areas of concern. The tenants will be your best source of information when it comes to learning about areas of concern, tenants who may be causing problems and spots in the complex where a lot of activity is taking place.

Have more lighting installed

Take note of any spots in the complex that are extremely dark at night. You want to have lights installed in those areas, so they don't give criminals an area where they can do things that are against the law without being seen. Also, put out a notice to your tenants letting them know that they should immediately report any burned out lights to the office so those lights can be replaced right away.

Hire a security guard

One of the most important things you can do to help protect your apartment complex from criminals is to hire a security guard. The guard should be on the grounds during the night time hours. However, if the complex has been having a lot of problems during the day time as well, then you may want to hire them around the clock at first, until you get a better handle on the issue.

Install an electric gate

You should have a wrought iron gate put up around the entire complex. At the entrance to the parking area, there should be an electric gate that required a card or code to open. This way, the only cars that will be able to come onto the property will be ones that belong to the tenants. Also, the walkways to the complex should have electric gates that also require cards or codes. You should however consider installing warning signs so innocent people are aware of the nature of the gate. 

Making the above changes is going to help you to get the apartment complex back from the criminals, before they cause you a lot of problems. For more tips or assistance, contact services like F & W Fence Company, Inc.