3 Facts About PVC Fencing

It was not that long ago that your options for fences were primarily wood, wrought iron and similar materials. Now there are many other options and PVC is a unique one that has numerous benefits that you may not yet be familiar with. Therefore, before you make any binding decisions about your new fencing, it will be very helpful to consider the following facts.

#1-You Can (But Rarely Have To) Paint Your Vinyl Fence

It is first important to remember that vinyl fencing is also known as PVC fencing. One common misconception about PVC fencing is that it cannot be painted. Fortunately, the truth is that many people never need to paint it, because its color is resistant to fading. In addition, many types of paint will not adhere to it.

However, if you want the fence to more closely resemble other fences or you simply decide that you want its color to change, it is very possible to paint it. The trick is to thoroughly clean the fence and allow it to dry, and then to use an epoxy-based paint.

#2-A Thicker Vinyl Shell Provides A Stronger Fence

When you are installing your new fence, you are likely to notice that the pickets, posts and rails are not very heavy. That is because they are all empty. As a result, if you will be using the fencing to contain or restrain items of value or strong animals, you will need to choose a thicker vinyl shell. As the shell increases in thickness, your fence will be stronger.

If you eventually find that you need to minimize your vinyl fence, you can cut them just like you would the pieces for a wooden fence.

#3-PVC Fencing Is Very Easy To Clean And Requires Virtually No Maintenance

If you dread the idea of power-washing your fence, vinyl fencing is likely to be a great choice. Its construction allows it to be resistant to mold, mildew and rot. Although it may get dirty from weather problems, stains and discolorations are easy to remove with clean water, sponges and any standard cleaner, like detergent.

In addition, vinyl fences are difficult to damage, which means that scratches do not easily appear. If you like the appeal of a wooden fence, but do not want the bother associated with its installation and upkeep, it will be helpful to remember that you can choose vinyl fencing that looks a lot like its wooden counterpart.

In conclusion, PVC fencing is an ideal choice for anyone who needs a durable and affordable way to curtain off a portion of their yard or acreage. However, you should remember that painting a PVC fence is rarely necessary and its stable color will be very useful in the coming years. To learn more about PVC fencing, contact a company like Family Fence Company.