Two Fencing Ideas For Your Roadside Country House

If you own a roadside country house then it's important that you install a fence. A fence is a great way to delineate the property boundaries. If you have a road outside your front yard, then it is very important that this exist. You want to avoid people pulling into your yard to make u-turns, accidentally driving onto your property, or pulling over onto your lawn to change a tire.

The fences are good for different types of situations. It will depend upon the design of your cottage, as well as the type of road you have and how heavy the traffic in the area is.

Split Rail Fence

If you have a cottage in a very rural area, then a wooden split rail fence is perfect. If the road is a dirt road, or even a lightly trafficked paved road, then a split rail fence will serve you well. These fences create a beautiful visual boundary and will also prevent random people from driving onto your property. The split rail fence is synonymous with horse farms, so if you happen to live in farm or horse country, then this is the perfect choice.

They are rustic looking, and not too complicated to install. If you have a large acreage, and a small budget, then this is a good pick. They will require occasional upkeep, such as staining or rail replacements. If you are looking for something more sturdy, and one that doesn't require any maintenance, then perhaps a stone and wrought iron fence is for you.

Stone and Wrought Iron Fence

You might be accustomed to seeing ornamental iron fences around large, lavish homes. However, they are just at home in quaint country surroundings. If you live near a heavily trafficked road, then you should not get a wooden split rail fence, but rather one that is made of sturdy materials such as stone and wrought iron.

It is important for the stone fence to be set using mortar. Dryset fieldstone walls are fine if you are building for a low wall across a field, but if you're looking for height and want to add wrought iron pickets to the top or other decorative touches with iron, you need to use mortar to create a tall, firm structure. It will not topple down and is much stronger than dryset walls.

Consult with the designer as to what type of wrought iron design you want to include into the wall. As mentioned, you could run a line of wrought iron pickets along the top, or opt for tall wrought iron columns interspersed along the fence.

The nicest feature of a stone and wrought iron fence is the gate. You can have a custom-made iron arch design that extends above the fence. This is great for large homes that call for a big entrance way. If you prefer a smaller design, you can have a nice slatted gate made and customize it however you like.