Does A Pool, Hot Tub, Playset Or Trampoline On Your Property Make You Nervous? How To Protect Yourself From Liability

Are you a homeowner with a trampoline, pool, hot tub, playset, or any other type of attraction in your yard? If so, liability concerns and safety issues should be a top priority. The items are considered attractive nuisances, and you are going to be responsible if someone enters your yard with ease and gets hurt. You don't want to worry that someone is going to get injured, and that you'll have to pay for it out of your own pocket. Here are a few things to consider adding to the property to make it more secure.

Privacy Fencing

Vinyl privacy fencing is a superior option to chain link or wood because it's smooth and difficult to climb. The privacy fencing can prevent people from seeing what attractions you have on your property, and you can get it high enough that it's nearly impossible to climb without helpful equipment. Vinyl is a top pick because it doesn't get altered by weathering, there are a variety of styles and colors, it's easy to clean, and it requires no structural maintenance -- just occasional cleaning. To learn more about fencing options, get in touch with a fencing company like Harrington & Company.

Locking Gate

You don't want a self-latching gate that someone could potentially try to reach over and open on their own. Instead, you need a locking gate that can't be unlocked from the outside, and that requires a combination or key code. This prevents you from being at fault by leaving the property open to others. If someone has to get through a locked gate, it shows they purposely intruded on your property.

"No Trespassing" Sign

You don't have to hang one of the large-print signs that you see on a side of the road that says "no trespassing," but instead you can add cute decorative signs, or have the words engraved on large rocks to sit near the entrance of your property. If someone sees this sign and continues to use your attractive nuisance, then they are trespassing and they are at fault.

You have to be concerned about liability issues and your property at all times because if someone tries to sue you or your homeowner's insurance provider because they got hurt on one of your nuisances, you may not ever recover from the problem financially. Take steps to keep trespassers out of your property, and protect yourself and others starting today.