Keeping The Wild Things Out Of Your Yard

In many towns and even a few cities, wild animals can find their way into your yard, often at night. You may end up with raccoons, rabbits, opossums, and deer, which can damage your yard and garden. On occasion, more dangerous animals may appear that can be a threat to you and your pets. If you have this problem, you can take effective and humane steps to keep animals off your property.


Regular fencing alone will not do the trick, especially for burrowing animals. You need to add L-shaped mesh to the bottom of your fencing. This method is most effective if you bury the wire about a foot underground, the with L pointing away from your property. Burrowing animals will have great difficulty in digging under and through this wire. Raccoons and similarly sized animals can usually be deterred by two-by-three inch fencing.


Another method that often works is the use of repellants. You can buy various scents that will discourage animals from entering your property. When you choose natural products, your family members and pets will not be harmed by these substances. Simply using urine powders from predatory animals such as coyotes and foxes can scare off many pests. You only need to sprinkle the powder around your home's boundaries. Other repellants that smell like rotten eggs can also keep animals away.


Motion-sensor technology can be quite effective in driving off animals without harming them. One such method is a water-deterrent system that sprays water at animals that approach your yard. Once the motion sensor is activated, a hose is turned on, and the resulting shower drives off the intruders. A solar-powered red light that flashes after dark can convince many animals to choose another location. Gophers and other burrowing animals can often be driven away by sonic devices that are placed into the ground. The sounds they emit are most unpleasant to these pests, so they take up residence elsewhere. With this variety of devices available, you should never need to endanger an  animal while protecting your property.

Wild animals are usually more of a threat to your lawn or garden than they are to you. You can use various methods to protect your property that should not harm these animals. The right fencing can be your first line of protection, followed by repellants and various technologically advanced devices. Using a combination of these techniques may be the most effective strategy for you. Take care of your property and your pets by keeping wild animals out of your yard. Companies like Absolute Fencing LLC may be able to help meet your needs in this area.