6 Reasons Why A Chain-Link Fence Is Still Great For A Home

With so many fencing materials to pick from today, like aluminum and vinyl, it can be tempting to splurge on a fence that is more modern rather than traditional. You should still consider chain-link fencing as a viable fencing option for your home for these reasons.


If you are on a budget, chain link fencing will be very affordable when compared to other fencing materials out there. It is much cheaper than aluminum, vinyl, or wood. While the overall cost is determined by the exact size of the yard, the average cost is $1,782 for chain-link fencing, while wood costs $2,502.


Chain-link fencing does not need to look like industrial metal mesh. You can purchase the material in a color that blends in with your yard, such as a dark green. Slats can be purchased that are weaved through your fence, which adds privacy and makes it look finished.


If you do not want to worry much about your fence once it is installed, chain-link is the solution to your problem. You won't need to regularly sand, paint, or stain a metal fence, and the material won't rust like an iron fence would. The material won't break down either due to rot or fungus. Just spray the fencing down with your hose and the cosmetic damage from dirt will be cleaned off.

Easy Installation

The installation will go smoothly because a chain-link fence doesn't require special tools or training to have installed. The most complicated tool that you need is a something to dig the post holes for you. If you hire a fencing contractor to do it, a small crew can have a chain-link fence installed over a single weekend of work.

Weather Resistance

Live in an area with high winds? A chain-link fence will withstand the toughest storms, because the air flows right through it. Snow and water won't damage the material, and the metal is not attractive to termites, which can ruin wood fencing materials.


All of these factors contribute to a chain-link fence lasting for many years. Expect to get at least 30 years out of your chain-link fence before it needs to be replaced, which is twice as long as wood. A chain-link fence may be the last fence that you ever buy.

For help purchasing and installing chain-link fencing, work with a local fencing contractor. They can handle everything for you, including pulling the necessary permits.