Tips For Disguising A Fence Around A Small Business

When you run a business, a fence can be a great way to keep your property safe after business hours. Unfortunately, a fence is not always very inviting to customers, and can cause them to think of the fence as a necessity for safety due to crime rather than a pre-emptive security measure. Here are some creative ways to hide your fencing so that it is not so obvious to others.


One of the unmistakable features of Wrigley Field in Chicago is the ivy-covered walls along the outfield. It really adds a lot of charm to the stadium, and it can do the same for your fence. The process involves attaching a trellis to the fencing to allow the ivy to grow vertically with ease. It's a bit easier if you have chain-link fencing since the ivy will eventually grow and weave its way through the holes.

Bamboo Screens

Using bamboo is a great way to improve the visual appeal of fencing, especially if it surrounds a seating area or place where customers frequently pass by. The material comes in large rolls that can be cut to the height of your existing fence, and you unroll the material and secure it in place. If you own a wooden fence, it's as easy as nailing the bamboo directly to the wood material.

Tall Shrubs and Trees

If you have open land surrounding the fence, you can try to hide the fence with some tall shrubs. They can be planted directly in the ground in front of the fence or placed in large planters. Shrubs have some maintenance, with you needing to trim them throughout the year. A plus side to shrubs is that they work well in low light areas, which is probable due to the fence blocking the sun for part of the day.

If you plant trees, make sure they will end up being small without large branches that can extend over the years. It may cause the tree to be used to climb over the fence.

Fence Slats

A practical way to cover your fencing is to use slats. They are made in a variety of different colors, are durable, and are easy to install. They slide between the metal links of the chain-link fence, which help add privacy and color. Matching the color with the décor of your building can make it blend in with its surroundings.

For more tips on disguising your fence, speak with a fencing contractor from a company like Phoenix Fence, Co.