How To Install Aluminum Fence Posts

Most modern aluminum fences have modular designs. This means that the majority of the construction can be done very easily. Often, the rails will snap right into the post without any actual screws or fasteners. Of course, the actual specifics of the modular design depends on the material and brand that you choose. That being said, they are all made with easy installation in mind. Regardless of the exact product that you choose, the most difficult part of the entire fence installation process is probably going to be setting the post. Post are also the most important factor when it comes to the stability and longevity of your fence. That is, if your post are not properly securely installed, your fence is probably not going to be as stable as it should.

Digging Holes for the Posts

When you're sitting post directly and soil, you want to use a concrete footing. This will give you a more stable and long-lasting post. But, how deep does your footing need to be? The depth of your footing does depend on several factors. Most importantly, it depends on how tall your fence is going to be. The taller your fence is, the deeper the hole needs to be. It is a good idea if your hole is at least half as deep as the post will be tall.

So, if you plan on installing 6' tall post, you want at least 3' of post under the ground. This means you will need to buy posts that are at least 9' tall. It is better if you buy post that are longer than they need to be by so you can cut off the top and make them all the same height after they are installed. It is much easier to cut the top of the post off, rather than trying to dig holes that are the exact same depth (especially since there is no guarantee that your soil is level in the first place).

Mixing the Concrete in the Footing Hole

Another trick for a stronger concrete footing is to pour and mix the concrete directly in the hall. That is, don't premix it in a bucket. When you mix them together directly in the hole, you end up with a stronger footing that bonds with the soil around it and the fence post. While it might be a little awkward to mix the concrete powder and water together, you can use a small stick or mixing device to get it done as you hold the post in place.

Your aluminum fence will be much stronger if you follow these helpful tips. For more information, contact companies like W & W Services.