Ways To Maintain Your Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are pretty durable and sturdy. But that doesn't mean they can do without maintenance and care. Frequent maintenance and care should keep the fence looking good and strong. But how do you maintain a wrought iron fence? Well, you can start by doing the following things.

Inspect Regularly

Inspecting your wrought iron fencing is the best form of maintenance. Most people rarely inspect their fences because they assume they are durable. But do you know that failing to conduct inspections means you won't spot problems or weaknesses early? Most problems will go unnoticed for months, and by the time you spot them, the fence will have extensive damage.

Protect Your Fence From Weeds and Plants

Some people think it's okay for vines to grow on their wrought iron fences. The vines and flowers might make the fence beautiful, but they also ruin your fence. Allowing plants and weeds to grow near or on your fence can cause problems. Surprisingly, they make the fence vulnerable to rust. 

Remember, the plants will create scratches on the metal, leaving the fence exposed to rust. You must keep plants and flowers away from your wrought iron fencing. Also, remove any weeds and vines that attempt to grow on your fence. 

Remove Rust

Rust is notorious for attacking wrought iron fences. Rust attacks sections that have scratches. Therefore, removing rust from these sections shouldn't be that difficult. And since rusting starts small, you should address it before it spreads. You just need to scrub the rust with a wire brush and sandpaper. Once the rust has cleared, apply paint, wax, or a protective spray to prevent these sections from rusting in the future.

Clean the Fence Often

Cleaning your wrought iron fence is necessary if you want it to look nice. Your fence will collect dust that needs to be cleaned. Luckily, cleaning a wrought iron fence shouldn't be complicated. You can use your garden hose to do the cleaning. Remember to use mild soap to avoid staining the wrought iron. And if the fence is pretty dirty, you can scrub the dirt off using a soft cloth. 

Repair the Broken Rails

If you spot some broken rails during the inspections, you should call your contractor to do repairs. You don't want the broken rails to come off entirely and affect the structural integrity of your wrought iron fence. Besides, a fence with broken rails doesn't look good and might attract intruders.

For more information, contact a fence contractor.