Choosing the Right Fence for Your Property

Forget Rotting And Insects ~ Having A Sustainable Wood Fence Is Possible With Cedar

Do you have your heart set on a wooden fence for your property? If so, you may have some concerns about the maintenance of the wood, and you may also wonder if your investment will be prone to rotting or pest infestations from insects such as termites. You do not have to settle for a material such as vinyl that mimics the appearance of wood. Instead, you need to direct your focus to a wood that is long lasting and resistant to pests. Read More 

Backyard Camping: 3 Ways To Increase Safety For Your Children

For many children, camping in the backyard is a great way to have a fun adventure in the outdoors and learn some independence as they spend a night in a tent with siblings or friends. As you plan backyard camping sleepovers, it's important to keep your child's safety in mind. You can allow them to camp in the backyard independently while still providing them with the proper safety needed throughout the night. Read More 

Tips For Disguising A Fence Around A Small Business

When you run a business, a fence can be a great way to keep your property safe after business hours. Unfortunately, a fence is not always very inviting to customers, and can cause them to think of the fence as a necessity for safety due to crime rather than a pre-emptive security measure. Here are some creative ways to hide your fencing so that it is not so obvious to others. Read More 

Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Home’s New Cherry Wood Staircase Railing

Now that your home's custom cherry wood railing has been installed on your home's staircase, it is important that you know how to properly clean and maintain it. By keeping the cherry wood clean and healthy, you can ensure that the staircase railing will look beautiful for decades to come. Thankfully, cherry is a very hard wood species and does not require too much effort to keep it looking wonderful.  Read More 

6 Reasons Why A Chain-Link Fence Is Still Great For A Home

With so many fencing materials to pick from today, like aluminum and vinyl, it can be tempting to splurge on a fence that is more modern rather than traditional. You should still consider chain-link fencing as a viable fencing option for your home for these reasons. Affordability If you are on a budget, chain link fencing will be very affordable when compared to other fencing materials out there. It is much cheaper than aluminum, vinyl, or wood. Read More